Specialty Items

Ladies Couture – W. Bill Ltd offers a beautiful collection used by the world’s finest couturier houses. The limited yardage weaving of these fine fabrics designed for women’s clothing assure an exclusive garment. Mohair boucles and Shetlands in feminine shades are favorites with our customers. Irish Linens in the softest pastels create a fresh spring look.

Riding Apparel & Traditional English Hunt Fabrics Heavy Cavalry twills, Barathea, Tattersall, stretch, gabardine, moleskins, Melton in Hunt colors – scarlet, yellow, and blue, green … Trimming – Hunt buttons, livery buttons, braid, .. Just about anything needed to produce the proper garment.

Cotton Corduroy & Moleskin are offered in many weights & wale. An extensive and unusual colors range, from earth tones to bright purple & rich red, is offered in top quality cloth.

Linings and Tailoring Supplies – Fancy printed and Jacquard linings are some of our hottest selling items. We have iridescent colors and other linings in a multitude of colors, weights and constructions. Striped sleeve linings add a custom touch to a tailored garment. The finest quality tailoring supplies such as canvas, haircloth, under collar cloth, and pocketing are available from the best English sources. Please contact us for further details.

Blazer Badges – RJ Weldon provides eighty designs of Hand Embroidered Blazer Badges. They are available in both large & small sizes.

Highland Wear – Buttons, Buckles, Real stag buttons, Tartan, braids, & straps for authentic Highland wear.

Upholstery – Many of our sports jacket & suiting fabrics are suitable for furniture, wall coverings or accessories. Our goods have been featured in home design publications and in exclusive designer’s showcases.