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The Best of The British Isles

Isles Textile Group Ltd. offers the most extensive and diversified collection of fine British Fabrics to the U.S.A. Our shirting is the esteemed Thomas Mason collection from the Albini Group. Our forte is supplying cut lengths and piece goods to the most prestigious Custom Tailors, Designers, Shirt makers, Couturier Houses, Specialty Clothiers, and Costume Houses in North America. We are proud members of the oldest continuous trade association in the United States, the Custom Tailors and Designers Association.

We bring you the Best of the British Isles. Isles Textile Group Ltd. represents Harrisons of Edinburgh, H. Lesser, Porter & Harding, Peterson & Becker, Smith & Co. Woollens, W. Bill Ltd., and H.E. Box Ltd. We feature the finest qualities of worsted wool suiting and jacketing (from 7 to 32 oz.), Cashmeres, and a comprehensive collection of Tweeds and Scottish Woolens. We also have an extensive collection of coatings and riding apparel cloth. Shirtings are by Thomas Mason, David & John Anderson & Cotonificio Albini. Tudor Oak provides us with the most luxurious Scottish made Cashmere throws, shawls and scarves. R J Weldon supplies horn and Blazer buttons, cufflinks, linings and other items required for the production of fine garments. Our lining collection from Lear Browne & Dunsford is unsurpassed.

Our mission is to provide superior service as well as the finest quality goods. Excellent customer relations are a priority in our organization. Just as a custom garment is made for the individual, so are our services tailored for each of our customers and their needs. We have many years of experience in the better clothing industry and are able to provide answers to many questions.

Please give us a call so we can discuss your requirements and what we have to offer you.  Contact us here.